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4 Startups, Partnering,
& Solutionaries

A s others join We Can't Wait, these lists from Felix Kramer will expand. (Plus you'll find one more list, of organizations of wealthy people giving effectively to intersectional causes, here.)


See our current budget for the next year.


Four Compelling Startups

We encourage all who join us at any level in We Can't Wait to support with your time, talent and treasure these groups that work with many others:


  • We Can't Wait: this project. If you are inspired to donate to other causes, please do that directly and tell us about it! And you can DONATE to us via the Buckminster Fuller Institute. BFI is our fiscal sponsor for tax-deductible contributions to support our Team. (Please indicate in the comment field that your donation is for We Can't Wait.)


  • Climate Emergency Fund: supporting startup organizations to wake up the public and force transformative policy change and proposing "Climate Emergency Venture Philanthropy". DONATE. Executive Director Margaret Klein Salamon says: "The Climate Emergency challenges us to self-assess in a new way. What can I do to protect humanity and the living world? Where can I have the greatest impact? For those with financial resources, strategic giving is critical. The climate can't wait, so neither should philanthropy. We are excited and honored to be working with We Can't Wait to Give Away a Lot!"


  • Third Act: experienced people working for a fair and stable planet. A new effort to mobilize older Americans to defend environmental sanity and economic and racial fairness. DONATE.
    Endorsing from Third Act are Bill McKibben and Vanessa Arcara:
    "We've got no time to waste--so it's very good news that the wealthy, the affluent, and even just the comfortable are digging deeper to give of their time and resources. The earth has left its comfort zone; we need to get a little ways out of ours. We Can’t Wait!” (video)


  • Work On Climate: helps you find a startup cofounder or impactful job in the climate space. DONATE. Jeremy Brewer, founding chair, Work On Climate; co-founder, Starshot Capital, says: “I’m excited to see We Can’t Wait’s unique strategy to inspire us to up our game: acting, investing, and donating way more.


Some of the groups we work with and support, locally and nationally:

  • 350 Bay Area: building a grassroots movement for a clean energy future with racial, economic, and environmental justice; pressing for state and regional action; six county groups focus locally. 




  • Buckminster Fuller Institute: dedicated to radically accelerating Earthians' health and well-being through comprehensive design. We Can't Wait is a fiscally sponsored project of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.


  • Citizens' Climate Lobby: over 500 local chapters building support for national bipartisan policies to price carbon, including Fee-and-Dividend.



  • Climate Voice: mobilizing the voice of the workforce to urge companies to go “all in” on climate, both in business practices and policy advocacy.


  • Dream Corps: to reform criminal justice, build a green economy and create equity in tech.


  • Environmental Voter Project: a non-partisan group that identifies inactive environmentalists and transforms them into consistent voters to build the power of the environmental movement.




  • MoveOn: launching a Democracy Emergency campaign to protect Secretaries of State across the country.


  • Plug In America: the nation's largest association of electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts, helping people go electric and support policies that get more EVs on the road.



  • Sunrise Movement Bay Area Hub: building a movement of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, and create millions of good jobs in the process.


  • Voices for Progress: galvanizes the advocacy of business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other prominent individuals who unite to champion a healthy climate and environment, strengthen our democracy, and ensure economic and social justice for all.


  • Vote Solar: works state by state to repower our communities with sunshine and build a thriving clean economy with affordable solar energy for all.



Books and World-Changing Organizations


  • Climate Restoration, by Peter Fiekowsky with Carol Douglis, describes and presents solutions for “The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race.”


  • Regeneration, where Paul Hawken is a leader, the new book/website/listing and Nexus, a network of climate crisis solutions, includes in its Action Items a list of 10 Key Player campaigns and movements.



  • Saul Griffith started a campaign/organization: Rewiring America and a major book, Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future.



Solutionaries and communities, some of whose people can also be donors at the $1M and the $25K level:


  • AirMiners: the community for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, job-seekers, advocates, policymakers and others working on carbon removal, increasingly recognized as a trillion-dollar opportunity.


  • ClimateBase: the platform for climate careers. This startup focuses on mobilizing talent while helping the entire ecosystem of climate-focused organizations attract mission-driven hires.


  • Climate Designers: provides the knowledge, skills and professional network for designers to take climate action. Created by our frequent collaborators at The Determined.


  • ClimateLink: local meetings to help startups expand and raise capital in hub cities around the world, plus an online market-network (Slack) 


  • Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2): a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors and others who advocate for smart policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment.


  • My Climate Journey: podcast by Jason Jacobs spawned a large Slack community of entrepreneurs, etc.


Ways to Invest

in reversal, regeneration, and restoration:


  • Atmos: a launched startup working to shift money away to action towards a clean, fair, and transformed economy.


  • Nucleation Capital: a subscription-based climate venture fund focused on next-gen nuclear energy and deep decarbonization.


  • Prime Coalition: a 501(c)(3) public charity that partners with philanthropists and impact investors to invest catalytic capital.


  • Invest Your Values from As You Sow: find what's hidden inside your 401(k) or personal investments, and how you can align your investing with your values.

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