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Where People are Giving Now

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Organizations of high net wealth [not worth!] people working for change

We don’t believe nations should allow anyone to be a billionaire.

Some wealthy people boast about how they promote change through their private philanthropy while at the same time they enable and perpetuate inequality, as Anand Giridharadas describes in Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.

However, many wealthy people are trying to promote systemic change, including an end to inequality. Anyone considering this path can learn from and get reassurance that others are on similar paths.

They include (we welcome additions):

  • 1% for the Planet Giving Circle: individuals donate collaboratively in partnership with Grapevine and Philanthropy Together.

  • Equity for Impact: over 400 Airbnb founders, employees, alumni, and investors have “locked in their intentions” to give over $50M; they’re an affiliate of Founders Pledge.

  • Founders Pledge: over 1,600 entrepreneurs from around the world have pledged to give over $4B after their IPO or other liquidity event.

  • #HalfMyDaf: Holders of $140B in Donor Advised Funds pay out even less per year than the minimum 5% requirement for foundations; these entrepreneurs want DAF holders to give 50% this year, especially for climate & environment.

  • Oceans 5: this international funders’ collaborative dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans grew from a group of philanthropists who started by donating $1M a year.

  • Patriotic Millionaires: over 135 people with over $1M in income or $5M in assets publicly list their names as they campaign against inequality.

  • Resource Generation: over 1200 young people in a multiracial community raising over $100M in commitments to social justice movements.

  • Solidaire: a community of donor organizers with regional hubs.

  • Women Donors Network: women inspiring each other.

  • Women Moving Millions: 340 members in 16 countries have each contributed $1M or more for gender equity.

Do you know of other organizations to add to this list? Let us know!

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