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At We Can’t Wait, we’re hacking individual giving and philanthropy, inspiring people to respond to our climate emergency at the scope, scale, and speed it demands. We are connectors — helping donors/investors learn about impactful projects, supporting meaningful conversations, sparking collaborations, and motivating people to invest and donate NOW to maximize our impact together.

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We’re hiring! 

an Executive Director to advance Audacious Billions for Climate Restoration and We Can’t Wait!

The We Can't Wait Team

Felix similing in a grey Sunrise T-shirt with a "Let's Talk Climate" button in front of a fig tree

Felix Kramer

I call myself a "Writer - Ideator - Networker - Solutionary.” I’m an ex-entrepreneur focusing on missing pieces. I had my roller-coaster leading the successful CalCars campaign that brought us plug-in-hybrids. I invite you to go all in NOW, responding with your time and money to address our immediate democracy emergency and our climate emergency, and all they connect. I’m committed to intergenerational campaigns to protect, rescue, improve, and restore our world and our prospects. More of my back-story at Active Allies.

Mike similing in a grey baseball cap and black jacket in front of a green roof

Mike Mielke
Senior Advisor

I’ve been working at the intersection of nonprofits, business, and policy for over twenty years, and on climate and clean energy in the US and abroad at various levels for twenty-five years.  I enjoy being an ideator and builder who has co-founded and led a number of different organizations focused on sustainability, climate, and clean energy.  When I’m not spending time outdoors or with my son, I enjoy working on and winning campaigns, and I’m passionate about advancing policies, programs, and initiatives that empower communities to address complex challenges. What’s more, I believe the democracy and climate crises are the most pressing issues facing us today, and that they must be addressed at the speed, scope and scale required. I’m done waiting for our institutions to save all that we hold dear, which is why I’m focused on hacking philanthropy and creating a like-minded leadership community. I hope you will join us!  

Kimberley similing in a colorful wool cap and purple jacket next to an oak tree truck covered in moss

From being a youth delegate at UN climate conferences to engaging in nonviolent direct action for racial justice, I’ve been imagining how the world can be better and trying to live from this vision my whole life. My superpower is bridging the day-to-day with the big picture and seeing possibilities. Climbing trees, learning about the history of my family & community, and caring for plants — especially eating food I’ve grown on land I love — are ways that help me resource & know who I am in the ecosystem of the earth and the flow of life through me. For We Can’t Wait, I’m thrilled to be part of finding new ways to build meaningful community, realize how interconnected our challenges are, and flow money to vital, on-the-ground solutions and towards systemic change. We can do this, humanity! We can rise to the crises of our time and bring the best of ourselves to birth the thriving, just, regenerative world our hearts know is possible.

Daisy Headshot Photo.jpeg

Daisy Pistey-Lyhne
Launch Director

Growing up among the giant redwood forests of Northern California ensured that I've always been attuned to our human impact on ecosystems. Over the last 15 years, I've worked across multiple sectors to identify important gaps in building power for climate solutions, and worked among diverse constituencies to build interdisciplinary strategies that fill them. I'm a connector and network weaver who has worked as a hub in multiple powerful networks to shape strategy and focus energy on the most effective and impactful opportunities. So far, that has meant growing youth leadership, honing philanthropic strategy, deploying rooftop solar, expanding technical and scientific expertise to grassroots advocates, leveraging data and political campaigns to transition utilities to clean energy and advising growing businesses. As we understand the speed and scale necessary to confront the urgent demands of the climate crisis, I'm energized to engage investors and funders to deploy more strategic capital to solutions that can slow climate change and improve our climate health. 


I’m excited to see We Can’t Wait’s unique strategy to inspire us to up our game: acting, investing, and donating way more.

—Jeremy Brewer, founding chair, Work On Climate; co-founder, Starshot Capital

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