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2022 Senate Voting Rights Legacy Campaign

While action on climate is stalled in Congress, our democracy is in jeopardy from voting rights and election restrictions. We need an emergency-level response on all fronts to avert catastrophe—and leaders with the courage and mandate to take bold action.

We Can’t Wait is working with Action for the Climate Emergency and their 501c4 affiliate, Climate Emergency Advocates, to launch a large-scale, multi-faceted campaign to mobilize tens of thousands of young people across North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to have a pivotal influence on three retiring Republican Senators.

This campaign will approach the broad political middle and center-right voters by using nonpartisan themes and avoiding polarizing issues. We will create big-tent messaging that is galvanizing, not divisive. We will mobilize young and diverse coalitions to call on their Senators to leave the protection of democracy for future generations as their political legacy.

This intergenerational campaign focused on protecting voting rights ahead of the 2022 midterm elections is the most promising possibility we know of for democracy preservation right now. Plus, mobilizing people in these three key states will have impacts beyond the 2022 election, promoting more connected voters engaged in action for better policies, systems, and ways of being that benefit everyone in our communities.

Join us to make this campaign happen! Let us know if you'd like more information on this exciting, not-yet-public campaign to protect our democracy.

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