“We Can’t Wait” Seeks Executive Director to Hack Individual Philanthropy

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Do you like ideas that aim high? 

Are you excited to join an ambitious nonprofit startup, and work alongside experienced entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders? Have you enjoyed startup life, and do you find yourself wanting to work in a mission-driven organization? Do people tell you that your career and life stories inspire them to join you?



Project Description: 

We Can’t Wait to Give Away A Lot is an early-launch project testing strategies among audiences of well-connected, high-wealth people in the San Francisco Bay Area. (If you don’t live there now and get the job, we hope you’ll consider relocating in the near future.)


Our goal? To boost giving to causes and organizations that can make a big difference by a factor of 10 — starting now — so that the initiatives We Can’t Wait supports respond to the intertwined crises of democracy, climate, injustice, racism, and inequality at the scope, scale, and speed required.

We’re encouraged by all that we’ve already accomplished in a short time, with a very small staff! As we continue to grow and gain influence, you’ll be contributing to hacking philanthropy — changing the face of individual giving, influencing institutional philanthropy, boosting the budgets of the nonprofit groups and campaigns we’re supporting (and beyond), and working to transform our world. 


For our first major collaboration, we’re partnering with leading youth mobilizing organizations to launch and fund a promising intergenerational campaign focused on protecting voting rights ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. You can learn more about the 2022 Senate Voting Rights Legacy Campaign here


Is this you? 

You’re looking to help start and shape a project you can feel great about! Ideally: 


  • You’ve been a staffer with a leadership role at one or more climate justice groups.

  • With a background in Organizing, BizDev, &/or Fundraising, you know how to partner with organizations to deploy our peer-to-peer fundraising strategy.

  • As a project director or manager, you’re good at prioritizing goals and assigning roles to volunteers and consultants. 

  • As an entrepreneur or organizer, you know how to excite people to work together for mutual benefit.

  • You know how to foster and build a culture of collaboration — in the process, building a team of volunteers as Co-Founders, Advisors, and Convenors.

  • You are comfortable working with LinkedIn and other networks and online communities to recruit Donors.

  • You easily combine promotional, strategic, and emotional messages as you talk, present, and write.

The Team:

You’ll be working closely with the Founder, Felix Kramer, an entrepreneur, advocate, and activist who finds “missing pieces.” He’s inviting others to join him in giving away $1M this year — or to dig deep at whatever level they can. He’s best known for the California Cars Initiative, where he led the successful campaign to encourage mass production of plug-in hybrids. In 2019-20, he and a team developed Active Allies, advancing climate action and justice through youth employment and intergenerational collaboration. He’s reaching out about We Can’t Wait and our exciting Voting Rights Legacy Campaign to his large network, involved especially in CleanTech, ClimateTech, and other causes.


We Can’t Wait is assembling a starting team of 4–5 people. 


In the range of $1,700/week. Initially a contract position. (Once we have a fiscal sponsor, we’ll add benefits.)


A door to future opportunities: 

You'll start with a full focus on We Can't Wait. Once this project is well under way, you may transition to work with a group or people you meet through We Can't Wait, or add a role at its parent startup, the intergenerational Active Allies, or one of its other projects.



We believe starting with intersectionality can steer movements away from inequality and hierarchy, into a better future that works for all of us. We strongly encourage women, indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQ+, and young people to apply.



To apply: 

Candidates, please submit info at this form AND write us: hello@wecantwait.world, Subject: [Your Name] for We Can’t Wait Executive Director.


Please include a thoughtful cover letter with your LinkedIn URL, your general take on We Can't Wait, and perhaps a suggestion or two. We’ll reply if we see a fit.


If you know a potential candidate, please pass along this opportunity.