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“We Can’t Wait” Seeks Executive Director to Hack Individual Philanthropy with ABC23

ABC23, Audacious Billions for Climate Restoration, seeks an Executive Director — ideally, a successful entrepreneur from any field who’s seeking to have a major impact on climate. 


This project will identify and fund climate solutions that can rapidly scale what they’re doing and show results by the end of 2023. It's emerging from the San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit We Can’t Wait, whose mission is to “inspire investors and donors to respond to our climate emergency at the scope, scale, and speed it demands.”


Working alongside experienced entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders, as ED you’ll shape the project, set goals, and assign roles to a working and volunteer group alongside the We Can’t Wait Team. You’ll represent ABC23 to wealthy investors and partners. Your career and life experiences and the stories of your collaborations may inspire them to join you.


ABC23 is starting by testing strategies among audiences of well-connected, high-wealth people in the San Francisco Bay Area. (If you don’t live there now and get the job, we hope you’ll consider relocating in the near future.)


We’re offering a competitive salary, around $200K. And we share the strong sense that climate startups gain strength from having diverse leadership, including by women and people of color. 

We believe starting with intersectionality can steer movements away from inequality and hierarchy, into a better future that works for all of us. We strongly encourage women, indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQ+, and young people to apply.


We Can’t Wait to hear from you!


Send an email to: 

Subject: [Your Name] for ABC23 Executive Director

Please include a thoughtful cover letter with your LinkedIn URL, your general take on Audacious Billions for Climate Restoration, and perhaps a suggestion or two. We’ll reply if we see a fit.


If you know a potential candidate, please pass along this opportunity.

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