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We’re launching ABC23: Audacious Billions for Climate Restoration

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

After We Can't Wait’s first public event in June at Tech Crunch, now we’re introducing ABC23 at the ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit, July 25-29 — virtual and in person at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Here’s a link to our rapidly-evolving ABC23 project description (a Google Doc).

We’re announcing the search for an ABC23 Executive Director, with a competitive salary— ideally a successful entrepreneur from any field seeking to have a major impact on climate.

All successful campaigns and companies need a t-shirt. Here's a photo of ABC23's worn by Felix Kramer and Kimberley D.C Schroder. On the front is a graphic depiction of a pathway where we reverse global warming and restore our climate. On the back are the logos of 7 organizations partnering with We Can’t Wait: 1.5°Climate Pledge, AirMiners, Anthropocene Institute, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Climate Emergency Fund, Foundation for Climate Restoration, and Work on Climate.

We had a first team launch meeting July 23, introducing to each other inspiring ideas, insights, and initiatives.

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