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We Launched Our Updated Pledge!

We launched our new pledge wording at the TechCrunch Sessions: Climate conference at UC Berkeley this week—to a great response! People are excited for what we're doing and want to know more and be involved.

We are assessing how to grow and support donors & investors as a community—giving more NOW together to meet the climate crisis at the scope, scale, and speed it demands.

Currently, we're conducting informational interviews. If you're interested in talking with us, send us an email:

The We Can't Wait Pledge:


Because We Can’t Wait, I will:

Donate NOW 10X the greatest amount I’ve ever given to a single organization I already love or I find though We Can’t Wait. OR Match the amount I invest in one or more We Can’t Wait-connected startups 1:1 with donations to organizations I already love or I find though We Can’t Wait.


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