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What I’m thinking about and how I got to WeCan’tWait.World

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I continue to work to enlist colleagues to advise and collaborate on multiple projects at Active Allies; see Presenting: 3 MVPs from Active Allies. Will you volunteer to lead one, or join in?

My new thinking these days is most shaped by Alex Steffen, the global futurist with what I hope will be a worldchanging new book out soon. See my Google Doc: Alex Steffen’s “The Snap Forward” Can Help Spark the Transformational 20s.

And Bill McKibben, sounding the alarm about climate since 1989, co-founder of and now of Third Act, migrated from his New Yorker column to a new semi-public platform at Substack: The Crucial Years. He’s already writing more frequently, and those who subscribe will get chapters of his new book, Year One.

I’m also looking ahead to more new thinking and excitement. Paul Hawken, the moving force behind Drawdown, has Regeneration. Sept 21 is the publication date for Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation. Saul Griffith started Rewiring America and Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future appears October 12. And Joanna Maacy introduces us to the Bardo —a gap between worlds where transition is possible.

I’m looking to invite others to Give Away A Lot Away from my networks, especially among Electrifying Allies — entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and advocates working in cleantech, especially around plug-in cars, batteries, and solar power, whom I’ve met since 2002. They include a list of over 80 Women Plug-In Leaders I connected with at CalCars, and Electrifying Funders who prospered especially in Cleantech and early on at Tesla.

Two earlier projects provide continuity for this one: The connection is that I plan to Give Away A Lot to many young adults and their organizations. ActiveAllies got a start and now is waiting for a few people to join a team to make it happen big-time, has its roots back in October 2015, when I proposed that people who are too busy to do as much as they want in advocacy and entrepreneurship hire from a new job category: Personal Climate Assistant. In Sept 2019 I brought on Anna Michel as the first Climate Project Manager. Together we started ActiveAllies to advance climate action and justice through youth employment and intergenerational collaboration. People in that core group are working or are in educational programs related to climate. I invite colleagues to continue our proof of concept.

If you can afford $1,000-$2,000 a week for a half-time person from Sunrise Bay Area or other communities, I invite you to Sponsor a Project Manager with ActiveAllies. They can start by telling your family, friends, and colleagues about your plans and advance your causes.

We’re hiring an organizer for “I Can’t Wait,” to lead outreach to both potential pledgers and to partner organizations. Do you have a climate justice and strong organizing/fundraising background, from Sunrise or other groups? Or do you know someone who does? Details here.

UltraWealth for Climate Health: In late 2018, I was looking for ways to channel significant funds into urgent transformational efforts. We proposed that successful entrepreneurs who see restoring the climate as the greatest startup opportunity ever each invest $1M in climate restoration startups. It’s still something I’d be happy to work on with a few people. (Deck available on request.)

A final thought

I’m feeling happier and more hopeful as I begin to Give A Lot Away. I look forward to meaningful and pleasurable interactions with people as I refine this idea and put it into practice.

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