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  • Felix Kramer

Partner Spotlight Shorts

My short promo for The Solid-State Energy Summit plus quick takes for ACE, Third Act, & Nucleation Capital.

The Anthropocene Institute, a We Can’t Wait collaborator on multiple projects, asked me to script and present a short promo for the July Solid State Energy Summit they’re sponsoring.

The conference, July 25-28 (at the renowned Computer History Museum in Mountain View and virtual) will energize conversations and connections at the frontier of solid-state fusion energy technology. You can register here.

Watch the 3-minute spot at the conference’s YouTube channel.

Anthropocene video crew members Micah Brown and Kira Gardner also generously filmed and edited my 20-second takes on We Can’t Wait partners ACE and Nucleation Capital, and potential partner Third Act.

How did I do? Though I’ve spoken at many conferences, I’m mostly a writer; this was my first time at something like this. Speakflow, a versatile web-based teleprompter that listens as you talk and scrolls the text based on where you are, made it much less stressful!

We see these as “casting call auditions” — conversation-starters for future promos for organizations and campaigns we’re working with.

Do you have other video or partner ideas? Let us know:

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