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We’d love for an acolyte of Amanda Gorman to create a spoken word version of our We Can’t Wait

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Amanda Gorman’s arrival into such broad public awareness has brought happiness and hope to everyone we talk with. She and other young voices, especially people of color, could have an incalculable impact on youth advocacy and poetry .

We are considering how to connect this with the project we’re developing at, to amplify intergenerational Voices for Our Future.

We’re assembling noteworthy links for Amanda Gorman and highlighting our favorites. If you can suggest others, please comment here and let us know at

Amanda Speaks

Amanda online

  • @TheAmandaGorman at Twitter. On her 23rd birthday , March 27, she pointed to five nonprofits for teen girls, women leaders, youth poet laureates,and young writers.,

  • TheAmanda ”Wordsmith. Changemaker.” Links to her two books, already best-sellers though they’re due in September: Change Sings, a “children’s anthem,” and The Hill We Climb and other Poems, plus an Inauguration special edition of The Hill We Climb.

  • One Pen One Page promoting youth voices (Twitter; URL doesn’t work)

  • Amanda Gorman at Wikipedia

Interviews with Amanda

Inauguration reviews

Context on Spoken Word Poetry

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