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Seeking Climate Designer for “We Can’t Wait”

Project Description:  We Can’t Wait to Give way A Lot Away is pre-launch project for wealthy and well-off people to increase their giving this year to causes this year by a factor of 10. That will be responding at the scope, scale and speed demanded by our crises of democracy and to those of climate, species extinction, injustice, racism and inequality. It will enable organizations to 10x their fundraising goals.


Entrepreneur, advocate and activist Felix Kramer is starting by inviting others to join him in giving away $1M this year, or to dig deep at whatever level they can. Felix is a longtime collaborator with Climate Designers  co-founders Sarah Harrison & Marc O’Brien. With them at The Determined, his team developed Active Allies, advancing climate action and justice through youth employment and intergenerational collaboration. 


We Can’t Wait is an Active Allies project, and we aim for its collateral  to be a showcase for all those involved. We're starting with this bare-bones website


Design deliverables: Phase 1 deliverables: Improve the initial placeholder website's typography and graphics, propose an initial logo to make this collection of pages a functional,but compelling website ASAP. 


Timeline: The project aims for stealth convenings starting in late September, with a public event in late October, centered on the Phase 1 website. Discovery sessions led by The Determined with project stakeholders — Advisors, Convenors, Pledgers,and Partners, on audiences, identity, branding and messaging are projected for the second week of October. A Phase 2 website, etc. is likely to still be in development at the time of COP25, November 1-12 in Glasgow.


Budget: For Phase 1, hourly compensation. Phase 2: bid or hourly.


Diversity:  We believe starting with intersectionality can steer movements away from inequality and hierarchy, toward a better future that works for all of us. We strongly encourage women, indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQ+, and young people to apply.


Contact: , Subject Line: “YOURNAME for WeCan’t Wait Design”. Please include URLs for you at LinkedIn (no résumés) and any personal website or portfolio. 

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