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We Can’t Wait

To Give Away A Lot


Are you driven to transform our world? 


It’s too late to wait!


  • We can't wait to envision the world we want: healthy, safe, abundant, prosperous.

  • We can’t wait to begin to actually reverse global heating and restore our climate.

  • We can’t wait to connect, collaborate, and create the coalitions and campaigns for the finer future we know we can have — and can afford.

  • We can’t wait to respond now to our crises of democracy and of climate, species extinction, injustice, racism, and inequality, at the scope, scale, and speed they demand.

  • We can’t wait to end business as usual individually — in how we spend our time and what we do through our networks and with our wealth of experience and resources.

  • We can’t wait to go all-in ourselves, acting effectively — and quickly!


“We” begins with Founder Felix Kramer, joined by an initial group of advisors, inviting others to be Co-Founders, Advisors, Pledgers, and Donors.


We're hiring an Executive Director. Might that be you?

We're partnering with leading youth mobilizing organizations to launch and fund a promising intergenerational campaign focused on protecting voting rights ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Learn more about the 2022 Senate Voting Rights Legacy Campaign

Let us know if you'd like more information on this exciting, not-yet-public opportunity to save our democracy!


​4-minute clip starting at 18:30: 
On, Betsy Rosenberg speaks with Felix Kramer about CalCars, the climate, and giving money away. Hear about intergenerational action, We Can’t Wait, and the Climate Emergency Fund.

Now that we tell our story at this bare-bones website, we’re reaching out to wealthy individuals and households who are fortunate to have more than they need for themselves and for those they care about for the rest of their lives. We’re also inviting those who are well-off to give away what’s a lot for them. (If you give, your commitments will be private for as long as you want.) Here's our “soft pledge:”

We Can't Wait!


We’re ready to have a real impact on our emergencies in democracy, climate, species extinction, injustice, racism and inequality.


To respond to urgent causes, advance essential solutions, and invest for a flourishing future, we will consider giving away a lot, to the bold and effective organizations we already support, at one of three levels:


  1.  $1,000,000 in the coming year.

  2.  Or we will dig deep: $25,000 or more to the single organization we want to support most.

  3.  Or what we can spare — ideally ten times as much as we've ever given to that group.


Along with our personal top causes (see our lists), we encourage those who Can’t Wait to support three compelling startups: 

  • ACTIVE ALLIES: advancing climate action and justice through youth employment and intergenerational collaboration. (We Can't Wait is an Active Allies project. Active Allies is not yet set up to accept donations.)


  • CLIMATE EMERGENCY FUND: supporting early-stage organizations to wake up the public and force transformative policy change, and "Climate Emergency Venture Philanthropy." Executive Director Margaret Klein Salamon says, "The Climate Emergency challenges us to self-assess in a new way. What can I do to protect humanity and the living world? Where can I have the greatest impact? For those with financial resources, strategic giving is critical. The climate can't wait, so neither should philanthropy. We are excited and honored to be working with We Can't Wait to Give Away a Lot!"


  • THIRD ACT: Experienced people working for a fair and stable planet. A new effort to mobilize older Americans to defend environmental sanity and economic and racial fairness. 


"We've got no time to waste--so it's very good news that the wealthy, the affluent, and even just the comfortable are digging deeper to give of their time and resources. The earth has left its comfort zone; we need to get a little ways out of ours. We Can’t Wait!”

Bill McKibben & Vanessa Arcara from Third Act (link to video)

Here’s the opportunity and approach we’re proposing to groups we work with:

Could organizations and campaigns communicate the urgency and promise of our times and imagine raising their fundraising goals ten-fold? At the same time as many of their supporters 10X their giving?

Groups could spotlight those who publicly or anonymously commit this year: wealthy people to give $1M to causes, including substantial support to their chosen group; well-off people to give in five figures to that group; the rest of us to dig deep, giving “all we can” in the hundreds or thousands.


We take encouragement from MacKenzie Scott, who’s “spending down.” At 51, with $50+B in Amazon stock, she’s started to “give the majority of my wealth back to the society that helped generate it, to do it thoughtfully, to get started soon, and to keep at it until the safe is empty.”


To set a time to talk, or to sign the soft pledge, email

Or if you have Felix's mobile number, text him!


We Can't Wait to hear from you!