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2022 Updates for We Can’t Wait

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Our message that giving now can have higher impacts is gaining momentum:

Climate advocates & activists are responding to democracy challenges:

  • Failure to pass voting rights or social infrastructure/climate bills;

  • Growing momentum of forces for intolerance and strategic polarization;

  • Effective legalization of voter suppression and election subversion.

These challenges are prompting many in the climate movement to shift their focus, in ways that match with the urgency we feel at We Can’t Wait. We describe our priorities:

DE + CE 2022: Our Democracy Emergency + Our Climate Emergency

We have many urgent issues and crises, especially around injustice and inequality.

But we have two time bombs; one has a months-long fuse; the other has some years:

Our Democracy Emergency is growing as we approach Election Day, November 8, 2022.

Our Climate Emergency requires unprecedented global actions and transformations ASAP.

Both crises also offer opportunities. If we respond with hope and determination, we can inspire people to act together for a just world and a better future for our children and grandchildren.

We Can’t Wait Initiatives: 1) Democracy 2) Climate 3) Philanthropy

1) Our Democracy Emergency motivates us to develop and seek support for:

2) Climate Initiatives (where “climate” is the hub on a wheel of related issues):

  • Working with the Anthropocene Institute: advancing companies and projects for SAFE — Solid State Fusion Energy. What’s also called LENR — Low Energy Nuclear Reactions — could deliver clean energy at 1 cent/kiloWatt-hour in time to significantly scale key climate solutions.

  • Bay Area innovation ideas are emerging from conversations with Silicon Valley's amazing new powerhouse State Senator, Josh Becker. (He and others starred at an exciting Acterra event, Code Red for Humanity: What Municipalities Can Do; see Felix’s post on LinkedIn.)

  • Felix’s wife, Rochelle Lefkowitz, organized a January kick-off event for Third Act, Bill McKibben’s new organization. Over 400 attended virtually and as many have viewed the recording, with multiple watch parties. More at Engaging Elders in Climate Action.

3) Philanthropy Initiatives:

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